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Mr. Bungle: Vlad Drac (vocals); Scummy (guitar); Theobald Brooks Lengyel (alto & baritone saxophones); Bar (tenor saxophone); Trevor Roy Dunn (bass); Heifetz (drums).
Additional personnel: David Shea (scratches); Yeesus Krist, Maximum Bob, Kahli, Jennifer (background vocals).
Recorded at Different Fur, San Francisco, California in 1991.
Vlad Drac is actually Mike Patton of Faith No More.
Although Mike Patton found fame and fortune as the singer for Faith No More (with their 1989 breakthrough release THE REAL THING), he was first a member of Mr. Bungle. Instead of quitting his former band when he accepted FNM's vocal offer, Patton decided to keep both projects going simultaneously. In the wake of FNM's big success in the early 1990s, Mr. Bungle was signed to Warner Bros., who issued the band's self-titled debut in 1991.
Mr. Bungle was far more abstract and all-over-the-place than Faith No More, with little regard for conventionality, song structure, or any sort of borders between musical genres. Strange ditties such as "Quote Unquote," "Slowly Growing Deaf," "Egg," and "My Ass Is on Fire," have are bizarre creations that inhabit their own weird world, and they've become classics to fans that appreciate the band's musically proficient absurdity.

  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 11/04/14
  • Format: Vinyl