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We are growing! Now available on

We are growing! Now available on

Dear Music Lovers,

We at Cosmic Purple Records are super excited to announce our partnership with All of our apparel and collectibles will soon be available at the Walmart Marketplace! Click here to browse our current selection, and enjoy the free shipping, for a limited time.

You will get the same excellent service and quality products that you can get at, but with the Walmart satisfaction guarantee. Soon enough, our entire catalog will be available for purchase at Walmart Marketplace. Our vinyl records are currently processing to be the next addition, and we'll have rock & roll books and magazines shortly, as well.

We are super happy to be growing despite the many hurdles the pandemic has brought to all of us. We do have plans for expansion within the next few weeks! What this means is that we have hundreds of products more that are just waiting for shipment to our distribution center. As David Bowie once said: "Commencing countdown, engines on!"

Until next time... stay safe, dear visitor!


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